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Title: Safety Rules
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/7/28

Importance of Safety Cautions and Necessary Conditions: 

Please read this instruction manual before operating the generator set to obtain know-how on the rules and equipment referred to in this manual. Ensure that the installation and running-in of the Generator set are done in conformity with the instructions,and the operation and maintenance staff is skilled, responsible and experienced. Disobedience of the instructions and safety rules may cause severe results such as halt of the equipment, mechanical damage, personal injury and other nnecessary losses. SOMAX Generator set is designed to ensure  safe  operation,  however  it  can’t  be  operated  safely  if  the  operation  and  maintenance  staff  on  the worksite ignore the precautions and procedures as described in this manual.

Electrical Hazard Warning

1.The generator set can only work on loads that correspond to its electric parameters and rated power output. Overload is prohibited.
2.National and international electric regulations are applied. Electricians must obtain   appropriate professional  qualifications  before  they  install  any  electrical  equipment.  When  the  switch  is  in  “ON” position, a sign must be used in obvious position to indicate such status to avoid accidents.
3.Do not connect the Generator set directly to the power supply system of the building. Electric shock may occur or the Generator may be damaged by sudden turbulent in the municipal power line. The Generator should only be connected to the municipal power system through a safeguarding switch.
4. Appropriate  neutral  line  grounding  must  be  done  in  order  to  prevent  a  sudden  voltage  surge  or undetected grounding faults.
5. The following measures shall be taken to avoid electric shock:
a. switch  off  the  power  supply  when  protections  are  removed  or  work  is  carried  out  on  an  electric equipment;
b. when  approaching  electric  equipment,  do  not  set  foot  on  metal  or  wet  cement  ground  around  the equipment. Lay dry wood pads on the ground and cover it with rubber insulation sheets;
c. do not touch electric equipment with wet skin or wet clothes/shoes.
6. Be extremely aware of the danger of working on electric objects. High voltage electricity may result in severe injury or death. Do not change the lock devices discretionally.
7. Before running the generator, check the insulation resistance of the output cable with a 500V megohm meter. Ensure that the resistance value is no lower than 2 MΩ.

Combustion Hazard Warning

1. Ensure that no open flames or sparks occur in the proximity of the Generator set, fuel tank and particularly the charging battery. Fuel vapor and hydrogen emissions from charging battery are easily explosive.
2. Unless the fuel tank is separated from the Generator set, refueling is prohibited while the engine is running. Contact between fuel and hot engine surface or exhaust gas may cause fire.
3. The room which installed Generator set must be equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers.

Exhaust Hazard Warning

1.Fumes exhausted by the engine are poisonous. The exhaust system must be installed in strict conformity with the safety rules and technical regulations and be maintained in good condition so that there are no leaks on the exhaust ducts or no backflow of the exhaust gases into the Generator set room/building.
2.Good ventilation is required for all equipment.

High Temperature Hazard Warning

1.While the Generator set is running, avoid contact with the exhaust pipe, radiator, hot parts, hot oil, coolant and exhaust gas to prevent scalding.
2.While the Generator set is running, do not open the pressure cap of the radiator or heat exchanger. Do it after the generator set has cooled down.

Other Warnings

1.Do not wear loose clothes or ornaments while working near rotating parts or electric equipment. Loose clothes may be caught by the rotating parts and ornaments may cause short circuit that in turn results in electric shock or fire.
2.Tighten all fixings on the Generator. Apply guards to the fan and drive belt.
3.Before  starting  the  Generator set,  disconnect  the  starter  battery  first  with  the  negative  terminal.  This  is  to prevent accidental starting of the engine.
4.While the Generator set is running, do absolutely not disconnect the battery from the charging lead cable or the batter charging system may be damaged.
5.Personal protections must be worn by staff working near the Generator set and associated equipment. These protections  include  those  that  free  the  staff  from  direct  contact  with  chemical  liquids  such  coolant additive and battery electrolyte and ear covers that shield the staff from constant exposure to machines noise.

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