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Title: Testing and Adjustment of the Generator set
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/7/28
1. Check the start system:

• Electric starting

---check whether the electrolyte proportion of the starter battery is between 1.240 and 1.280. If the ratio is lower than 1.180, it means that the there isn’t enough electricity in the battery.
---Ensure  that  the  electric  circuit  is  correctly  connected  and  the  control  system  is  preparing  for  the starting. The air clutch shall be disengaged.
---Ensure that the connection terminals on the battery are not fouled or oxidized. If so, rub off the foul or scales.
---Ensure that the electric contact pins on the starter motor and the solenoid provide good contact.
• Pneumatic starting
---Ensure that there is no leakage in all sections of the air pipes including joints.
---Ensure that the pressure of the air bottle is between 2,500 and 3,000 kPa.

Generator set Adjustment
There are two types of SOMAX Generator sets, ordinary and automatic. Please refer to their respective instruction handbook for the starting methods.

a.First, adjust the engine to idling speed (500-700r/min). For engines with mechanical speed governor, use the speed control arm to adjust the speed. For engines with electronic speed governor, use the idle knob on the speed controller to adjust the speed.
b. Switch on the power supply. Start the Generator set if the warning lamp gives out no warning signal (for Generator set equipped with protection mechanism).
c. Generator sets equipped with preheating and prelubricating mechanisms can be started if the preheating and prelubricating processes have been completed. Press down the start button. If the Generator set is not started within 10 seconds, release the start button immediately and try it a second time after a 2 minutes interval.
If the starting effort fails for the third time, do not try again. Find out the problems and fix them. After that  the  Generator set  may  be  restarted  and  the  interval  between  each  starting  trial  shall  not  be  less  than  30 seconds.
d. When   the   Generator set   is   successfully   started,   release   the   start   button   immediately.   Meanwhile   the amperemeter  for  the  charging  current  shall  points  to  the  positive  position  or  the  charging  voltmeter
indicates a charging current voltage≥25V. These mean that the charging is working well. For Generator sets
equipped  with  working  conditions  protection  mechanism,  if  light  or  acoustic  warning  is  signaled,  the Generator set must be stopped for a check.
e. The  idling  speed  of  the  Generator set  shall  remain  between  500  to  700r/min.  Keep  a  close  watch  on  all  the instruments and pay attention to abnormal noises or phenomenon. If there is any abnormity, decision must be made as whether to stop the Generator set.
a. After the Generator set is started, increase the engine velocity gradually to a level between 1,000 and 1,200 r/min to warm it up. When the coolant drained from engine eaches 450C, the engine can be revved up to rated speed. If the Generator set can work well at no loads, engage the Generator set circuit breaker to supply power to the load. If the Generator set can not automatically establish a voltage, please check whether the AVR panel is working normally and magnetize the Generator set if necessary. When voltage is established, adjust the voltage-variable resistor to pinpoint the no-load voltage to the rated value and then engage the circuit breaker to supply power to the load.
b. If several Generator sets work in parallel, the operation staff shall ensure that the Generator sets have synchronized phases  before  turning  on  the  parallel  switch.  This  is  to  avoid  impacts  on  the  Generator sets  from  phase variation.
c. If  the  paralleling  fails  for  several  time,  please  remove  the  load,  separate  the  Generator sets  and  adjust  each Generator set individually.
d. Exert realtime monitoring on the working conditions of each parts during the normal operation of the Generator set.  Visit  the  instruments  and  warning  lamps  and  record  the  readings  once  an  hour.  Usually,  the coolant temperature is900Cand shall never exceed950C.
e. Check the amount of fuel and oil regularly. If the fuel level goes below one third of the tank, it needs to be refilled. If the oil level on the dipstick is below the minimum mark, more oil is needed.
f. Load   variation   shall   be   gradual   and   even.   Except   in   emergencies,   sudden   engagement   and disengagement of loads are prohibited. The Generator set shall not work at full load before the coolant past the engine reaches550Cand the oil reaches450C.
g.For  Generator sets  in  noise-proof  rooms,  regular  access  into  the  room  is  required  to  check  the  working conditions of the Generator set and record instrument readings. If there is any abnormity, solve them as soon as possible.
h. During the operation of the Generator set, dedicated personnel is required to check and replace air, fuel and oil filters. If there is any leakage of air, fuel and oil, have them fixed as soon as possible.

Stop the engine
b.Diminish  the  load gradually until  completely remove  it  from the  Generator set.  Disengage the Generator set circuit breaker and let the engine run at idling speed for 3 minutes before it comes to halt. Try not to stop the engine at full load to avoid overrev.
c.If  open  cooling  system  is  used,  shut  off  the  water  inlet.  In  cold  environment  where  the  ambient temperature drops below00C, the remaining cooling water in the cooling system shall be completely drained  so  that  the  mechanic  parts  of  the  machine  would  not  be  damaged  by  freezing.  Coolant  with anti-freezing additives is an exception.
d.Backup Generator sets or Generator sets seldom used shall be sealed with grease as required. If not grease sealed, they must be started to run at load for 5 to 10 minutes as least once per week to avoid rusting of the inside parts.
e.The Generator set can be stopped emergently in the following way: disengage the Generator set circuit breaker quickly and place the throttle in the “stop” position to shut off fuel supply after the load is removed. This will completely halt the engine.
f.After the Generator set stops running, a timely check must be carried out on the Generator set surface. Wipe off the grease on the Generator set, record the time it stops, check the condition of the battery and check if refuel is needed or not.

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