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Title: Running In
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/7/28

Before  putting  a  new  Generator set  into  operation,  the  Generator set  must  be  run  in  according  to  the  technical instructions  in  the  user  manual  for  the  diesel  engine.  Proper  running  in  smoothens  the  surface  of  the moving parts and prolongs the life of the engine. For old Generator sets that haven’t been used for a long time,run-in shall also be conducted before retesting them.  When  running  in  the  Generator sets,  increase  the  engine speed  and  load  on  a  gradual  basis  to  ensure  a  good  run-in  result.  Engine  oil  shall  be  watery  at  the beginning of run-in and then increase the viscosity gradually.

During the course of run-in, try not to let the Generator set operate at empty/low loads for long periods. Or it will cause the following results: decreased fuel efficiency, oil/diesel fuel spills from the exhaust pipe, carbon deposits  on  the  piston  and  piston  ring  groove,  incomplete  combustion  and  fuel  intrusion  into  the  oil. Therefore the Generator set is not allowed to run at low load for more than 10 min. Backup Generator sets must run at full load for at least 4 hours every year to burn off the carbon deposits in the engine and exhaust system so that the carbon deposit will not impair the life and quality of moving engine parts.


Steps of Running In

a)Run the Generator set at no-load. Check the Generator set thoroughly as per methods aforementioned. If there is no abnormity, start the Generator set. Tune the engine speed to idling and let the engine run for 10 min. Check the oil pressure and listen to the running sound of the Generator set. Stop the engine.
b)Open the side cover of the cylinder block and feel with hand the temperature of the main bearing and the connection rod bearing. The temperature shall be no higher than 800 or such as your hand would get burnt. Monitor the conditions of all working parts. If all the parts have appropriate temperature and are in good condition, then proceed with the following step.
c)Raise  the  engine  speed  from idling  to  rated  gradually.  First,  rev  up  the  engine  by  200r/min,  let  the engine  run  for  2  min  and  then  repeat  the  revving  until  the  engine  reaches  the  rated  velocity. Nevertheless, the total amount of time for the engine running at no-load shall not exceed 5-10 min. During  run-in,  the  coolant  temperature  shall  always  maintain  at  between  75-800  and  the  oil temperature no higher than900.
d)Connect the Generator set to the load if everything is ok with the Generator set and the load is in conformity with the technical requirements. Increase the load in a step-by-step way while the Generator set runs at rated speed. First maintain the load at 25%, then raise it to 50% and then 80%. During run-in, check the oil level every 4 hours , replace lubricant, clean the oil pan and oil filter.
e)Check whether the main bearing screw cap, connection rod bearing screw cap, cylinder head screw cap, and fuel injection pump and injector screws are tightly fixed. Ensure that the valve clearance is right or adjust it when necessary.


Expected Performance after Run-in

a)The Generator set can be started quickly without problems.
b)At rated load, the Generator set works stably, steadily with no strange noises.
c)When the load changes greatly and abruptly, the diesel engine can return to a stable rev as quickly as possible.  When  running  at  high  velocity,  the  engine  doesn’t  get  overrevved  neither  does  the  speed fluctuate.  When  running  at  a  low  velocity,  the  engine  doesn’t  extinguish  neither  would  any  of  the cylinder cease working. The transition from one load to another is smooth and the color of the engine exhaust smoke is normal.
d)The  temperature  of  the  coolant  and  all  lubricated  parts  is  normal  and  the  oil  pressure  is  within expected level.
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