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Title: Service Checklist
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/7/28

Proper Maintenance and service, particularly preventative services, are vital to prolonging the life of the Generator setand lowering operation cost.

Guidelines for service
•  Use  the  suggested  service  interval  described  in  the  instruction  of  SOMAX  as  a reference  for  daily maintenance.
• Service shall be done according to the technical requirements in the instruction manual for the engine and alternator specified for the Generator.
• Service interval shall correspond to the specific purpose of use and working environment of the Generator.

Service Cycle Checklist

a) Daily Service  
1. Check the instrumentation panel
2. Check the coolant level of the cooling system
3. Check the maintenance indicator of the engine air filter. Clean if necessary.
4. Check the engine oil level
5. Drain away the water and deposits in the fuel tank and fuel pre-filter
6. Check the coolant heater. Ensure it works normally.
7. Check the engine

b) Service after the first 250 hours of operation
1. Check the engine valve clearance and adjust if necessary
2. Test the engine rotating clutch plate
3. Test and clean the magnet speed sensor
4. Replace lubricant oil and filter
5. Replace coolant filter
6. Clean and/or replace fuel filter

c) Service for every week or 50 hours of operation
1. Check air filter
2. Drain away the water in the fuel pre-filter
3. Check the level of the battery electrolyte
4. Check the engine oil level
5. Check the coolant level
6. Check the engine exhaust piping
7. Check the fuel plumbing
8. Check the electric wirin
9. Check the sensors and warning signal indicators to ensure their reliability

d) Service for every month or 100 hours of operation
1. Check the air intake and exhaust systems to ensure they are not obstructed
2. Check the engine exhaust system to ensure there is no leakage
3. Check the tension of the drive belt
4. Check the voltage and electrolyte proportion of the battery.
5. Check the battery charger
6. Check the reliability of the ATS transfer switch
7. Check the output voltage and frequency of the alternator
8. Drain away the condensed water in the engine exhaust pipes
9. Drain away the water in the fuel pre-filter
10. Test the on-load capability of the Generator

e) Service for every 250 hours of operation  
1. Add anti-corrosion agent into the cooling system
2. Lubricate the drive bearing of the fan
3. Check the hose and fixings of the cooling water tank
4. Clean the radiator
5. Replace lubricant oil and oil filter
6. Replace coolant filter
7. Clean and/or replace fuel filter

f) Service for every 6 months or 500 hours of operation
1. Replace air filter
2. Check the coolant
3. Check the tension of the drive belt
4. Check the insulation and fire proofing
5. Check the electric wiring
6. Check the firmness of bolts, screws and parts subject to vibration
7. Check and adjust engine valve clearance
8. Check and adjust fuel injection advance angle
9. Drain away the deposits in the main fuel tank
10. Clean the terminal of the battery
11. Clean the rotor and stator of the alternator with compressed air.

g) Service for every year or 1,000-2000 hours of operation
1. Replace coolant
2. Replace fuel pre-filter
3. Replace engine oil and oil filter

4. Replace fuel filter
5. Clean the vent of the engine crank case
6. Adjust and tighten loose parts
7. Check and adjust valve clearance
8. Check and adjust fuel injection
9. Check the turbocharger
10. Check the oil pump and water pump
11. Check the transmission mechanism and corresponding phase
12. Check the Generator setprotections
13. Check and adjust the magnetoelectric rev sensor
14. Check the winding wiring and electric connections
15. Measure the electric insulation resistance

b) Service for every two years or 2,000-3,000 hours
1. Check the vibration damper for the crankshaft
2. Replace coolant and clean the coolant system
3. Load capability testing

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