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Title: Electric starting system - genset
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/7/28
Starter motor doesn’t work. 1. poor contact at electric connections.
Clean and tighten electric connections.
2. poor contact at brushes.
Clean the commutator or replace the brush Eliminate short circuit.
3. starter motor short circuit.
4. Inadequate charging of the battery or battery capacity too small.
Charge the battery or use more batteries in parallel; replace battery if necessary.
5. poor contact on electromagnetic switch contact points
Check the contact points and abrade them with sand paper.
Starter motor gear gets choked with the flywheel ring gear or starter motor gear can’t be disengaged:
1. starter motor not in parallel to the center of the flywheel ring gear
Reinstall the starter motor and parallel it to the flywheel ring gear center.
2. sintered electromagnetic switch contacts
Check the contacts; file, abrade and singe them.
Starter motor continues running after start button is released:
1. the moving contacts of the electromagnetic switch sintered with the connection screw
Check and repair.
2. starter motor governing screw not adjusted properly.
Readjust the screw.
Abnormal noises with the alternator.
1. Loose or broken bearings.
Replace the bearings.
2. collision between rotor and stator.
Rub off the collision surface with a file.
Battery refuses charging; or unable to provide strong current while voltage drops sharply; white lead sulfate crystals appear on the plates:
Repair or replace the battery.
When charging, the battery temperature is high; the voltage is low; the electrolyte proportion is low; bubbles are too small towards the end of charging or come out too late; short circuit inside the battery. 
If inside short circuit is caused by excessive deposits at the bottom of the battery, discharge the battery completely, pour out the electrolyte, rinse the battery several times and recharge it. If inside short circuit is caused by other reasons, dismantle the battery and have the separators/plates repaired or replaced.
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