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Title: How to Install a Diesel Generator set- genset
Author: tongli motor  Time: 2012/8/13
When purchasing a SOMAX diesel generating set, it will come with a detailed installation guide. We do strongly recommend that the installation of a diesel generating set be performed by a licensed electrical or mechanical contractor. Their expertise and the understanding of regulation and local codes will save you money in the long run. Should you chose to install it yourself, please do your homework and obtain the proper permits required by your local authorities.   It is extremely important to have all codebooks for reference and to adhere to the laws. Your system must be inspected before starting to prevent fires and explosions from improper installation.

While all Diesel generating sets have some basic requirements, each brand and model has unique installation requirement, so we will not give detail installation of a diesel generating set. We will provide you with important  information you need to take in consideration before the placement of your diesel genset.
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Location

To determine a suitable location for your generator set there are many aspects you will need to take in consideration. Access, space for maintenance, noise, ventilation, exhaust piping, fuel piping, humidity, and temperature are all factors that must be considered. A location where temperature conditions are controlled and noise isolation from main working areas is preferred. A tailwater gallery locations is frequency used for a generator set.
Installation of a diesel Generating Set - Access

Personnel access should be convenient for routine inspections. Access for installation and replacement of the unit should be taken in consideration. Future equipment installation or construction should not hinder the access for the replacement of parts or the complete diesel generator unit.
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Maintenance

Adequate space should be provide for normal maintenaance and overhaul of the diesel generator set.
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Noise

A location away from principal working areas or offices and typically a generator set comes with the calculate dBA levels at full load operation. This is the honest way to report the noise level. Vibration of an diesel generator set should be taken in consideration and kept away from quiet working location. 
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Ventilation

The room or space where the generator operates, should not exceed 100 degrees. Generators installations require an intake of cool, clean air and an outlet vent for hot air. The size of the space affects room temperature. A Generator in a small space  will affect the room temperature and may require extra ducting. Increasing the vent sizes may cool the room down and ensure a positive airflow. Moist air is corrosive to a generator set, so make sure inlets are positioned to minimize moisture intake. High humidity can be damaging to a diesel generator set so a below tailwater galleries is undesirable.
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Exhaust Piping

The location should provide a short, direct route to an outdoor termination which will not exhaust directly on personnel nor near an intake vent.
Installation of a Diesel Generating Set - Fuel Piping

Extreme care should be taken when designing and installing the fuel system. Fuel lines should have as few connections as possible and kept away from hot engine or exhaust components. The fuel tanks should be level with or below the set to prevent siphoning in the event of a line failure. If the set is higher than the tank, an auxiliary fuel pump may be required.
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